How sweet it is to sit and read the tales
Of mightiest poets and to hear the while
Sweet music, which when the attention fails
Fill the dim pause —

The fragment of poetry quoted above is by Percy Bysshe Shelley, probably written in 1819.

You've arrived at - the nntk stands for No Need To Know, an acronym which took its inspiration from the (old and not recently updated) site NTK.

I've completed (as of November 2015) the migration of this site's content from an old, dated looking Gallery 2 design to a more modern theme, so everything should look a bit fresher! Hopefully navigation should still be fairly straightforward, even if you were expecting the old layout. is a little unstructured and random - just the presentation of some material I've been interested in, sympathetic towards and/or collected over the years. Most importantly it consists of resources (in particular Larry Law's 'Spectacular Times') that I haven't easily managed to find elsewhere on the web so felt that it would be useful to maintain here.

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